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roweena5000's Journal

26 July
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Well I´m 24,163cm,long hair and glasses.I love to read,my books are my treasures! also love listen to music,and sing if I´m alone-not the best singer! XD love mangas and animes too,my favourites are Yu-Gi-Oh and Fullmetal Alchemist,I watch way too much TV-series XD I like to bake and cook too, it´s like therapy ^__" I wish I had more friends, I´m kind of shy though,and have a hard time trusting new people,so easier said than done...but I´m working hard on it and is´nt nearly half as shy now as I was and believe me-it feels good!^__^ I don´t smoke,never have never will,I like to party sometimes,who doesn´t?I´v never been in love and wonder what it feels like...I spend much time with my family, we´re quite close,wich I´m glad for,my best friend is my niece^__^that´s about it I suppose..it´s another thing about me..ask me to describe myself and I go totally blank,another thing I´m working on^__"