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Teady Bear!

So when I mentioned teddy bear and Got'cha!Yami to shamise  she drew this incredibly cute picture and I was inspired to write a drabble for it. ^^

Dedicated to shamise and in honour of Got'cha!Yami and his endless shenanigans. :)

Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh is the property of Kazuki Takhashi and Got'cha! is a fanfic idea belonging to shamise .

Teady Bear!

Yugi wearily climbed his way up to the cave where his demon lived, and apparently, so did Yugi these days. Yugi shook his head in slight amazement, briefly wondering just how he had come to love a demon.

 This was highly unusual though, normally he never got this far when returning from the city upon having sold the herbs he gathered. Usually, Yami would find him long before he even had the chance of thinking about returning to the cave, dragging him along to show  stone eating giants and what not, let alone coming so far as to climb the tall rocks.

He wasn’t worried per se, Yami could take care of himself after all, he was more worried about what he would find when he reached the cave. If he was lucky, the demon would have found something shiny enough to keep his interest for a longer period of time. On the other hand, if he was not so lucky, there would be a wild beast (or possibly rock creature) in the cave, and Yami, the ever caring demon, would expect Yugi to either eat it or play with it.

Having finally reached the top, Yugi carefully peered over the edge and onto the ledge. No Yami there. He crawled over the edge and lay sprawled for a few moments, catching his breath and feeling a new appreciation for being flown up to the cave. When his heart stopped beating so loudly, he heard faint noises from inside the cave and turned a curious stare to the shadowed cave.

 It sounded like his demon, only Yugi knew this particular sound very well, and it was not usually a sound he heard from any greater a distance. It sounded very much like the affectionate growls and mutterings Yami made whenever he decided that Yugi was the most comfortable pillow. Raising an eyebrow and carefully scrambling to his feet, trying not to alarm Yami of his presence while simultaneously wondering why he hadn’t been caught yet, Yugi sneaked closer and from behind the large boulder just inside the cave’s opening, he spied his demon.

The sight before him was endearing, strange, and completely unexpected.

Sitting in the midst of his nest was Yami, holding what looked like a stuffed panda to his chest, cuddling it while making those little sounds. Yugi wondered where on earth the demon could have found a children’s toy like the stuffed panda, before something golden caught sight of his eyes and every other thought about pandas and their origins was forgotten altogether. He fixed his eyes to the head of the panda, where a single golden lock of hair was attached. A single golden lock of Yugi-hair, there was no mistaking it.

Yugi suddenly remembered when several months ago, Yami had become obsessed with how the sun shone in his bangs, and in his eager to catch the shiny, had managed to pull some straws out before Yugi could stop him. This was much more than a few single strands though, the demon must have gathered more when Yugi was asleep. Yugi knew that he should probably be mad about it, but seeing his demon cuddling the stuffed panda and making those affectionate sounds, so similar to the ‘you’re-such-a-comfy-pillow’-sounds, Yami clearly showing that he missed his human, made something melt inside Yugi and he could not help but smile.

 Still smiling and wondering if he should alert the demon of his presence or not, Yugi involuntary scraped his foot against the floor and the demon’s head shot up, red eyes staring straight at Yugi. When Yami didn’t move immediately, Yugi wondered if he had somehow embarrassed the demon by sneaking up on him like this, no matter how unlikely it sounded. The next thing Yugi knew though, he was lying pinned to the floor, a happily chirping demon attached to him and a stuffed panda squeezed in-between them.  

Ow. One of these days he needed to learn Yami that tackling Yugi to the ground was not so good for a small human in the long run. But when Yami dragged both him and the panda to his nest, placing the panda in Yugi’s arms and curling his limbs around the small boy, the chirping never ceasing, Yugi didn’t care all that much for sore backs and the occasional bump to the head. Instead he sighed and wiggled an arm free so that he could run his hand through Yami’s hair, getting an appreciative purr in response.

“I missed you too."


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