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Japanese, SAT and a sulking printer.

Finally sent my first assignment for Japanese class in (two weeks late, considering it's me, it's not that bad) and went ahead to work on the assignments for week 2 of the class, only to realize that, except for the hiragana, I had already done it. XD So, been practising hiragana for the main part of the evening.
I'm not sure it was the best of ideas though, since studying Japanese makes me giddy, on top of being excited about the SATs tomorrow. SO instead of being sleepy when I need to get up at 4 in the morning, I'm getting all the more wound up. Yay me.~

Atleast I could finally print out my paper of acceptance for the SATs (which I need to get into the school) after having almost ripped my new printer apart.
I bought it last week and I haven't really had the time to put it together until now, so of course, it had to act up on me. There were 4 ink carthridges that followed with the printer, only the black one wasn't the XL size so it didn't fill up all of the space in the printer. Ergo, the printer said that there were no black carthridge in it. Despite how many times I took it out and put it back inside. It's supposed to work with this size to, damnit! *grumbles*
Thankfully, I had also bought an extra carthridge, size XL, and as my last resort I out it in the printer. And what do you know, the printer was happy again and started up just fine. Great.~

I'm really lucky that I did indeed end up buying an XL carthridge, 'cause had I found myself with two normal size ones, no printer for me.

*taps feet to anime music* That's probably not the best idea to be listening to upbeat songs, when I should try to relax, either. xD Ah well, I'll be turning it off soon to watch Stargate Universe. It's not really all that great, it's basically Lost, only it takes place on a spaceship. -_-'' But I still want to see where they'll be taking this, so I'm in for another ep. ...it should make me sleepy atleast.

Oh, and the braces aren't hurting as much today, it feels pretty okay. What I need to get used to is the fact that food gets stuck in it, and if I don't rinse after I've eaten (at the very least) everyone will be able to tell what I had for lunch. ^^;  Other then that, they don't bother me as much as I thought they would.

I've had all of the summer to mentally prepare for having one though, and I tend to work like that. Get me a while to get used to the idea, and it'll be a walk in the park. I've no idea why that is, but it's an ability that come in handy every so often. :)

Oyasuminasai, minna! (Goodnight everyone)


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