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I've been taking civics class this semester and due to it being election year in Sweden this year, it was natural for us to start off with politics and how the country is run.

One of the assignments I got was to answer a few questions linked to the right of speaking ones mind, no matter the opinion, as long as it is not breaking the law of not being abusive or inciting to racial hatred.
The question was: 

Is it right of schools to have the all or none policy in regards to political parties? (i.e. if one party is allowed to inform in schools, so is the ones to the extreme right, who's opinions against foreigners, immigrants and homosexuality border to or cross the lines of what is racism or not)

My answer of the question was yes.
I answered yes because in my opinion, we cannot let these people act in the dark, forgotten and ignored by everyone. It is a very pressing matter that there are racists in this world, and no matter how wrong they are, the truth is that they will always be there. So let them out in the open, let people see for themselves just what kind of people they are and what horrid views they have.

'Cause I believe in people, as cliche and stupid it may sound. I believe that the majority of people are no different then you and me, and if we let these horrid fractions and their ideas out for all to see for just what they are, racism, hatred and naroow mindedness, then they cannot win.

I drew the parallels to Germany and the nazi party there, led by Hitler. Yes, the world reacted, but not until too many lives had been lost. 'Cause not many knew about the truth of what was going on during the Holocast, and the ones who did know, stayed silent. They stayed silent for too long.

And that is my point in this matter, the greater part of humanity does not agree with these beliefs, and will not allow it.

The sad truth is that Sweden too has an etreme right party in their parliament (SD for short) as of this election. They run a politic that boils down to that there are too many foreigners and immigrants in Sweden, and that they should be thrown out because they 'steal' from the Swedes, both job and common resources.

It is repulsive and ridiculous ideas, and sadly the reason why so many voted for them is 'cause the rest of the Swedish parties didn't really take them seriously. Thus they did not shine the spotlight on them and what they stand for until it was much too late.

Today something happened in Swedish politics that made me think of this once again. During the official opening of parliament there is a service held in church. During the service the bishop spoke of  peoples equal right to exist and live in piece, and the SD party rose up and walked out as the bishop was speaking.

Not only is it immensly rude and completely disrespectful, but it is also ridiculous. And I do hope that people part from me realize this.

Sure, it was a way to draw attention to themselves, something that SD does all to well in some regards, but to walk out like that, and in presence of the KIng also, it will not help their cause. The already sharing their views will probably think it was a good action to take, however it was not. Not for them anyways.

What it did a good job of pointing out is the fact that they are nothing more then a bunch of narrowminded people who think that they are so much better then anyone else, and better then foreigners,immigrants and homosexual people in particular.

It is a most unnerving and disturbing belief, and we must accept that it does indeed exist, and by accepting that we agree to fight against it.

I'm not saying that we all need to run out in the streets and make a fuzz, in fact that is a bad idea 'cause SD and their likes have a way of turning it into a pity session for themselves.

What I am saying is that we need to stand up for what is right, and to do so everyday.
If someone talk to you and express this kind of beliefs, tell them they're wrong.
Support human rights to live, love and be happy no matter where, who or how.

That's what I will do, I hope to see you all there with me.


Oct. 5th, 2010 05:54 pm (UTC)
Re: *glomps*
Thanks, Toya. :)

I'm glad that I managed to make sense. I feel strongly about this and felt that I needed to make my voice heard if I could.


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