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Teady Bear!

So when I mentioned teddy bear and Got'cha!Yami to shamise  she drew this incredibly cute picture and I was inspired to write a drabble for it. ^^

Dedicated to shamise and in honour of Got'cha!Yami and his endless shenanigans. :)

Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh is the property of Kazuki Takhashi and Got'cha! is a fanfic idea belonging to shamise .

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Writer's Block: It's just what I wanted

Do you prefer telling people what gifts you want to receive or being surprised?

It depends on the person really. My mom almost always knows what I like and will aprecciate, my sisters, however, I -must- tell, or I'll end up with what they think I like. Which in their mind is tha same as they like, and this because I often know exactly what to get them.

This naturally must mean that we share the same taste and preferences... *head desk*

So yes, I like to be surprised (in a good way that is) but if the alternative is not liking what I get, I'd rather hand out a list saying; 'Give me anything of the below listed, and NOTHING ELSE!

My mom can be so annoying sometimes!

I'm so sick and tired of my mom sometimes. I love her and all, and I couldn't imagine being without her, but for crying out loud, let me be me own already! I don't know if she's doing it on purpose or if she's not fully aware of it, in either case, this is making me mad! *feels like throwing a fit*
I've been trying to learn how to drive a car, finally, it's only eight years late, no biggie. (Oh, sarcasm, how I love thee.) At first I had to beg my mom to be my instructor, and 'cause of annoying Swedish laws, I can only have an instructor who's taken a class on it, thus costing a lot of money, thus I only have my mom instead of several people whom I can drive with. At first, it went good, wasn't as hard as I'd imagined, it's tricky, yes, but nothing I can't handle.
And then,,,the snow came. Suddenly it's slippery on the roads, and mom doesn't want me to drive when it's slippery on the roads. *head desk* I have to learn sometime, and it might aswell be now. I could understand it if it was because she's worried that I'll get us both killed, but that's not it. 'Cause tonight I asked if I could drive some tomorrow when we go grocery shopping, and what do you know, the 'but the roads are slippery and icy' card came out again. *grumbles*
1) it's not that bad on the town roads (which are the roads I'd be driving) I was out walking on them tonight, and they've put so much road salt out on them that it'd take several degrees colder to make them freeze, and 2) I told my mom that I can't just not drive for all of the winter, it's atleast 3 more months of it left!
So, once again, she's managed to make me feel smothered. I think that deep down, she doesn't want me to have my own driver's license, 'cause then it'd be one more thing I will not need her for any more. And this is also the reason why I am eight years late with my license, it was the same thing back then, only that time, I didn't even get to drive a car 'cause no one could be bothered to be my instructor!
If she pulls that damned 'it's too slippery' card again tomorrow, I think I'll snap. *grumbles*
I am dead scared of moving so far away from mom and dad that I will have to do this summer, but in one way, it's gonna be sooo good to finally be free. 'Casue I'm not right now, not really.

Writer's Block: How you like me now?

What's the craziest thing you've ever done to impress someone? Did it work?

I've never tried to impress anyone.

Japanese, SAT and a sulking printer.

Finally sent my first assignment for Japanese class in (two weeks late, considering it's me, it's not that bad) and went ahead to work on the assignments for week 2 of the class, only to realize that, except for the hiragana, I had already done it. XD So, been practising hiragana for the main part of the evening.
I'm not sure it was the best of ideas though, since studying Japanese makes me giddy, on top of being excited about the SATs tomorrow. SO instead of being sleepy when I need to get up at 4 in the morning, I'm getting all the more wound up. Yay me.~

Atleast I could finally print out my paper of acceptance for the SATs (which I need to get into the school) after having almost ripped my new printer apart.
I bought it last week and I haven't really had the time to put it together until now, so of course, it had to act up on me. There were 4 ink carthridges that followed with the printer, only the black one wasn't the XL size so it didn't fill up all of the space in the printer. Ergo, the printer said that there were no black carthridge in it. Despite how many times I took it out and put it back inside. It's supposed to work with this size to, damnit! *grumbles*
Thankfully, I had also bought an extra carthridge, size XL, and as my last resort I out it in the printer. And what do you know, the printer was happy again and started up just fine. Great.~

I'm really lucky that I did indeed end up buying an XL carthridge, 'cause had I found myself with two normal size ones, no printer for me.

*taps feet to anime music* That's probably not the best idea to be listening to upbeat songs, when I should try to relax, either. xD Ah well, I'll be turning it off soon to watch Stargate Universe. It's not really all that great, it's basically Lost, only it takes place on a spaceship. -_-'' But I still want to see where they'll be taking this, so I'm in for another ep. ...it should make me sleepy atleast.

Oh, and the braces aren't hurting as much today, it feels pretty okay. What I need to get used to is the fact that food gets stuck in it, and if I don't rinse after I've eaten (at the very least) everyone will be able to tell what I had for lunch. ^^;  Other then that, they don't bother me as much as I thought they would.

I've had all of the summer to mentally prepare for having one though, and I tend to work like that. Get me a while to get used to the idea, and it'll be a walk in the park. I've no idea why that is, but it's an ability that come in handy every so often. :)

Oyasuminasai, minna! (Goodnight everyone)

A mouthful

26 years old and I got my first braces. *rolls eyes* Yeah, it's what happens when the so called specialists let the anxious teen decide instead of telling her that you need braces.
Anyways, it's a bit weird to have all of that metal in the mouth,  and yet it feels strangely familiar. I had a plastic rail before, and the feeling in the teeth is somewhat similar. All in all it feels good to finally get my teeth in order. :)

Took a French exam today, I think it went well, bought two scarves on sale, a pair of shoes (they are awesome~) and a bracelet.

I seem to have developed a love for scarves... I prefer vintage ones though, one of the ones I bought today was in the vintage style. My current fav ones right now, however, are two old ones that I got from my mom.

Writer's Block: Ready for my close-up

What is your favorite John Lennon song, and why?

I'd have to be greedy and pick two, actually.

Criminal Minds -  I'd be a linguist who helped the BAU team out with a ritual murder where an ancient language only known by a few linguists in the world, including me of course, the one from the BAU working with me would be Reed.

Stargate SG1 -  I'd be a human from another planet to which the SG1 team came. (The original crew) I'd be one of the clerks/historians in the village, helping Daniel Jackson to master our language.

I ate my words...

You know when you have a really good thought about something, or when you're about to say something, and in the very next split of a second, you've forgotten what it was. As if it had never existed. The only thing you still know is that it was something good or important. Perhaps both.

Yesterday I had that happening to me all of the day, it was so annoying. On top of it, I still don't remember. So much for having a good memory, huh? I can recall dozens of things from years ago, things I didn't even know I remembered, but I can't remember that.
It's a fascinating thing, memory. We can't control it, nor bend it to our will, no matter how we try to.

And I'm not talking about studying, for say, an exam here. I'm talking about the events that occur in our lives, the memories on which we build our lives. The happy ones, the bad ones, the horrible ones.
Neither of them are our choice, if we wish to keep them or have them disappear into oblivion. It is a decision made outside of our control.
At least , our conscious control.

It may very well be that in the deep unconscious that flows inside every-ones mind, a decision is made to keep the memories. Knowing without a real reason that this is something we must know. No matter how horrible and frightening it may be.
Maybe it is so. And were there a memory to hinous for the mind and soul to handle, it is lost deep within us until the time for us to remember is right. If that time ever comes.

And to explain my title up there... In Sweden there is a saying for when we lose track of I thought, such as I described at the beginning. We say that we ate it. It might sound weird, or hilarious even, I guess it gets lost in the translation. :)
I've been taking civics class this semester and due to it being election year in Sweden this year, it was natural for us to start off with politics and how the country is run.

One of the assignments I got was to answer a few questions linked to the right of speaking ones mind, no matter the opinion, as long as it is not breaking the law of not being abusive or inciting to racial hatred.
The question was: 

Is it right of schools to have the all or none policy in regards to political parties? (i.e. if one party is allowed to inform in schools, so is the ones to the extreme right, who's opinions against foreigners, immigrants and homosexuality border to or cross the lines of what is racism or not)

My answer of the question was yes.
I answered yes because in my opinion, we cannot let these people act in the dark, forgotten and ignored by everyone. It is a very pressing matter that there are racists in this world, and no matter how wrong they are, the truth is that they will always be there. So let them out in the open, let people see for themselves just what kind of people they are and what horrid views they have.

'Cause I believe in people, as cliche and stupid it may sound. I believe that the majority of people are no different then you and me, and if we let these horrid fractions and their ideas out for all to see for just what they are, racism, hatred and naroow mindedness, then they cannot win.

I drew the parallels to Germany and the nazi party there, led by Hitler. Yes, the world reacted, but not until too many lives had been lost. 'Cause not many knew about the truth of what was going on during the Holocast, and the ones who did know, stayed silent. They stayed silent for too long.

And that is my point in this matter, the greater part of humanity does not agree with these beliefs, and will not allow it.

The sad truth is that Sweden too has an etreme right party in their parliament (SD for short) as of this election. They run a politic that boils down to that there are too many foreigners and immigrants in Sweden, and that they should be thrown out because they 'steal' from the Swedes, both job and common resources.

It is repulsive and ridiculous ideas, and sadly the reason why so many voted for them is 'cause the rest of the Swedish parties didn't really take them seriously. Thus they did not shine the spotlight on them and what they stand for until it was much too late.

Today something happened in Swedish politics that made me think of this once again. During the official opening of parliament there is a service held in church. During the service the bishop spoke of  peoples equal right to exist and live in piece, and the SD party rose up and walked out as the bishop was speaking.

Not only is it immensly rude and completely disrespectful, but it is also ridiculous. And I do hope that people part from me realize this.

Sure, it was a way to draw attention to themselves, something that SD does all to well in some regards, but to walk out like that, and in presence of the KIng also, it will not help their cause. The already sharing their views will probably think it was a good action to take, however it was not. Not for them anyways.

What it did a good job of pointing out is the fact that they are nothing more then a bunch of narrowminded people who think that they are so much better then anyone else, and better then foreigners,immigrants and homosexual people in particular.

It is a most unnerving and disturbing belief, and we must accept that it does indeed exist, and by accepting that we agree to fight against it.

I'm not saying that we all need to run out in the streets and make a fuzz, in fact that is a bad idea 'cause SD and their likes have a way of turning it into a pity session for themselves.

What I am saying is that we need to stand up for what is right, and to do so everyday.
If someone talk to you and express this kind of beliefs, tell them they're wrong.
Support human rights to live, love and be happy no matter where, who or how.

That's what I will do, I hope to see you all there with me.

Writer's Block: Guard rail

Do you find it very hard to open up to people? Why or why not? What are the benefits and disadvantages of being emotionally guarded?

Yes, to let people behind the mask is very difficult for me. I simply have a hard time trusting other people, or bother other people with my problems. The first is mostly against new people, thus I have very hard to make friends.
The other is towards family, I don't want to bother them with my issues and troubles.

Benefits... to be honest, I'm not sure there is any, not in the long run. -s§ure, it might feel good to be independent, however to be independent doesn't necessary mean that you have to shut everyone out of your life.
It got a bit lenghty... ^^; Collapse )